Change Of Recommendations Moisture Barrier On Heated Screeds

Use of Junckers “moisture barrier” liquid damp proof membrane on heated screeds.

Our recommendations for gluing our floors to screeds and other concrete floors with embedded underfloor heating have changed.

The new recommendations are shown in our Technical Data Sheet E 4.3 “Glued Floors with Underfloor Heating, Commercial/Residential”.


The main change is that when gluing a Junckers floor to a heated screed base, the screed must have dried out to a relative humidity of no more than 75%RH, as tested with a hygrometer. The screed must then be coated with Junckers Moisture Barrier to provide a damp proof layer.
Prior to this change we recommended that the screed must be dried to no more than 65%RH and then the floor can be glued using our Parquet Adhesive. However some contractors encountered difficulties with screed drying times therefore the current method provides a faster installation time.
This advice is consistent with the labelling on our Parquet Glue containers and our general installation instructions for glued down floors; Technical Document C 1.3.2. Section 2; “Moisture Protection”.