environmental product declaration


EPD for transparency and traceability

Sustainability has always been a focal point at Junckers, and we know from consultants, developers and architects how important it is to provide transparency and traceability in relation to materials. Therefore, in collaboration with Ramboll, we have completed EPDs, which evaluate the environmental impact of our solid hardwood floors and by this we can contribute to simplifying the work process in the selection of floors for a building to be sustainability certified.

Junckers´ EPDs are developed in accordance with the European standard EN 15804 and have been verified in accordance with ISO 14025. Independent verification of the declarations and data have been conducted by third party and the declarations are registered at EPD Denmark.

What is an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is standardized and internationally recognized document that provides transparent and verified information about the environmental impact of a product or service throughout its lifecycle.

The information in an EPD is based on a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that assesses the environmental impact of a product or service from raw material extraction, through production, use, and disposal. The results of the LCA are presented in the EPD, which includes information about the product's environmental impact in categories such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and resource depletion.

For professionals, EPDs are used as a tool to compare and select products that have a lower environmental impact. EPDs provide objective and verified data about the environmental performance of products, which can help architects and constructors to make more informed decisions during the design and construction phases of a building.

Download EPD certificates for wood flooring accessories

To contribute to a more complete understanding of the environmental impact of Junckers flooring systems, we also provide EPDs for selected accessories such as floor battens and adhesives. Please note that for battens used in sports systems, we add materials and work processes that are not included in this documentation.

EPD | Parquet Glue

EPD | Sylvafix

EPD | Battens


To learn more about what Junckers does to ensure transparancy, reduce its environmental impact, ensure responsible production and consumption and takes other initiative to contribute to the sustainability of the planet, we like to refer you to the following page.

UN Sustainable Development Goals


At Junckers we believe in sustainability and we support initiatives that improve environmental awareness. Complying with environmental legislation and environmental regulations is paramount to us and in areas where we see further possibilities of improvement, we strive to do more. We co-operate with internationally recognised certification schemes, such as FSC®, PEFC and deliver accreditation towards BREEAM, LEED & DGNB.