The New Era Levelling System- Keeping It All Together

We have occasionally received queries relating to the fixing of New Era cradles and packing pieces to the battens during the installation process.

So is it necessary to fix the packers, cradles and battens together?

The overriding answer is yes…when used as part of a Junckers floor installation they must all be fixed.

This is shown in our installation instructions and the specification information that we send out to specifiers and designers.

This is for two reasons:

  1. To prevent the cradles from sliding along the battens-otherwise this results in “dead spots” and gradual deterioration of the floor.
  2. On the rare occasions when timber packers are being used, to prevent the packers sliding out of the cradles.

The purpose made New Era plastic packers are designed to fit within the cradle and will not slide out so there is no need to glue these into the cradles, but the top packer must be glued to the underside of the batten.

The New Era plastic packers have small spikes on top which will to some extent grip the underside of the batten. However for Junckers floor installations, which are fitted mainly in high impact sports and activity halls where a 25 year warranty is often required adhesive must be used to provide long term durability.

The recommended adhesive is WFUK Floorbond, from Wooden Floors UK Ltd or a good quality wood-to polypropylene adhesive.

For more information, contact Junckers Technical Department