Multi-purpose sports flooring

The right sports floor – an important factor for a successful Multi-Purpose Sports Hall

The floor in any sports or multi purpose hall will need to deliver a high level of performance in a demanding environment. It must not only offer the best and most responsive surface for the people who are using it, but it must be easy to maintain, durable and resilient.

Indoor sports floors must also be able to bear the loads from retractable seating systems and other specialist equipment without sustaining damage.

When selecting a new or replacement floor for a  considering a new multi-purpose sports hall, studio, gymnasium or multi-use facility,  it is important to consider all of the activities that will be conducted in the space, what features they might require in a multi purpose sports floor, and what kind of stresses and wear the floor will be subjected to.

All Junckers sports floors are Area Elastic. Area Elastic floors have unique characteristics that provide the ultimate freedom of movement, protection against injury and enables the athlete to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our sports floor solutions are tested and approved in accordance with the European standard EN 14904; (Multi Sports Floor Systems for Indoor Use). Junckers solid hardwood sports floors fulfil the requirements of categories A3 and A4.

Junckers’ sports floors are made from solid hardwood, one of the most durable surfaces available and virtually unbeatable in terms of lifecycle costs. Junckers multi-purpose hall floors are the ideal choice for schools, colleges and universities.

With the correct care and maintenance a solid hardwood multi purpose sports floor will last for a lifetime. Our sports floors are known for their exceptional longevity - they can be sanded and re-finished eight to ten times without losing their looks or performance.

Retractable Seating Systems

Junckers’ flooring systems are perfectly suited for use with retractable seating. Hundreds of examples in the UK alone are testament to this fact. Our floors may be strengthened in a simple way to cope perfectly with high loads, and this leaves the sprung quality of the floor unaffected. A Junckers solid hardwood floor will not be marked or damaged by wheels, and nor will it suffer from surface tracking, rucking or scuffing. 

A safe, high performance sports floor with the right environmental accreditations and unbeatable lifecycle costs which falls within the guidelines for Affordable Sports Floors set by Sport England – a Junckers sports floor is hard to beat.

Junckers has a network of Approved Flooring Contractors and Approved Maintenance Contractors. By using one of our approved contractors the client can be confident that their floor will be properly installed and maintained by people with the right expertise, with a high level of customer service and in a cost effective way. Junckers Approved Contractors Scheme forms an integral part of the warranties that we offer on our floors. 

Not only do we manufacture sports floor systems we also have a 25 year warranty scheme. This means that, we can offer a complete solution which includes a unique care scheme and a 25 year lifetime warranty on the product, installation and maintenance of the sports floor. Read about the Junckers Warranty scheme.




Sub-construction: The foundation for your multi-purpose sports hall

Sub-construction refers to the underlying structure that supports the playing surface of a sports hall. The sub-construction of a sports floor plays a critical role in the overall performance and safety. A well-constructed sub-floor and sub-structure provide a stable foundation for the playing surface, ensuring that the floor remains level and does not warp or buckle over time. They also help to absorb shock and reduce the impact on players' joints, helping to prevent injuries.

At Junckers you can choose between a wide variety of sub-constructions that will fit any need you might have.

Complete system control

Junckers subflooring, sports flooring, game line paint, and urethane top coats are all developed, manufactured, quality controlled, and warrantied by Junckers.  

100% Solid Hardwood

Junckers produces only 100% solid hardwood, for a long life span and avoids the risk of veneer layers delaminating

Improved hardness

Junckers flooring is press-dried, which improves hardness and dimensional stability.

Pre-finished from factory

Junckers Floors are pre-finished at our factory, allowing for quicker, and cleaner installations.  

Exclusive Double Dove Tail

Industry exclusive Double Dove Tail construction improves stability and allows for ultra-precision milling.

In accordance with the European
standard EN 14904

The solutions fulfil the requirements of class A3 and A4. 



Crystal Palace, United Kingdom

University of Hull, United Kingdom

Palais Dea Sports à Bordeaux, France

Francisco de Vitoria University, Spain

Newry Leisure Centre, Ireland

Havdrup Hall 2, Denmark

Welsh Institute of Sports, United Kingdom

Falkonergårdens Gymnasium, Denmark

Chevalier College, Australia

Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, Denmark







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