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About Junckers woodcare

By choosing Junckers Wood Care you receive not only a product perfectly suited for surface treatment and protection of wooden floors, you are also drawing upon the expertise we have gained from our manufacture of solid hardwood floors since the 1930’s.

The production of Junckers lacquers began in the 1950’s and continues today at our main manufacturing plant in Denmark. Our range of lacquers and oils has always been developed by our own technical and research teams using the best and most up to date materials and technology.

Junckers Wood Care range includes a fully integrated range of products for regular maintenance, refurbishment or surface treatment of brand new wooden floors, meaning that we provide a 100% solution regardless of project type.

We produce Wood Care products specially developed for residential, commercial and sports areas. All our products are designed to help maintain a healthy indoor climate, be kind to the environment and to complement timber as a natural raw material. This means that our customer will get the full environmental and health benefits which hardwood floors offer.