Wood flooring

A solid hardwood floor from Junckers is not just a floor covering. With our wooden floors you get so much more.

A room with wooden flooring is timeless and elegant and adds a sense of natural balance and tranquility in a home. Wooden floors have unmatched natural beauty which cannot be replaced by other types of flooring. 

Junckers floors are 100% natural – nothing but real wood. Rooted in craftsmanship and respect for the quality and originality of wood, our floors are manufactured to last a lifetime.

A wooden floor never goes out of style.

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Regardless of which one of these three projects you are undertaking it is often a big investment both in terms of time and money. Most of us have a budget to stick to and how we decide to spend it will impact on the look and quality of the finished project. 

A well-adhered to rule within the design community is to get foundations of an interior scheme right from the start. Paint colours, wallpapers and soft furnishings are easier to change at a later stage if needed, a floor less so. “Spend as much as you can on a quality floor” is a common mantra for interior designers – the floor sets the tone for the rest of the room.


One of the greatest strengths of wooden flooring is its classical, timeless quality. We have been using wood as flooring for more than a thousand years and despite ever-changing trends in style and design, a wooden floor never goes out of fashion.

With many different timber species, surface and finishing treatments on offer, you can create any number of different styles with wood floors: The classic look with a smooth, polished surface versus tactile, brushed floors where the top layer of soft wood has been removed to expose the structural ridges in the grain of the timber; A white-washed, pale floor which reflects a multitude of natural light in a room versus a rich, dark floor which draws you in to create the ultimate luxury look.

For wear and tear, you cannot go wrong with a solid hardwood floor which is much more durable than a soft wood. With the right care and maintenance, a solid hardwood floor will last a lifetime, or even longer.


Junckers range of solid wood floors includes 2 strip wooden flooring, plank flooring, herringbone flooring and patterned flooring. All are beautiful floors in their own right with different expressions and styles.

plank floor, sometimes referred to as a wide board plank, consists of a single plank of wood. A plank floor is uniform in look and colour and give a calm and exclusive overall look. Particularly popular with architects, a plank floor really comes into its own in a large, open space.

2 strip wooden floor consists of short staves of wood in two rows per floorboard. A 2 strip floor provides a more expressive, characterful look as the natural patterns in the timber are more prevalent. 2 strip wood flooring is having somewhat of a resurgence, as the demand for stronger patterns has grown with huge rise in popularity of herringbone and patterned floors.

A herringbone floor from Junckers consists of single staves of wood in shorter dimensions, installed in the immensely popular herringbone pattern. Traditionally used in buildings of national importance, herringbone floors have become the floor of choice with their elegant combination of geometric pattern and natural warmth of wood. Junckers has now added a pre-finished option to its Herringbone collection – Twin Herringbone.

Patterned flooring – Hexparket is Junckers’ contemporary take on a classic patterned floor - hexagonally shaped blocks made in solid Oak inspired by nature’s own perfect pattern. A Hexparket floor is a design statement, and at the same time easy on the eye and to use within a decorating scheme – the natural, warm look of wood softens the angular shapes into a harmonious floor. 


Oak is by far the most popular wood used for flooring in the UK. Its warm, golden hue coupled with its naturally beautiful grain pattern makes oak a timeless flooring choice suitable for any interior style. A durable floor which only gets better with age.

Its excellent strength properties and elegant light appearance, almost white with distinctive dark graining, makes ash a sought after wood flooring choice. Ash acquires a warm and golden expression as a result of natural aging over time. As with all solid hard wood floors, it can be sanded and re-finished many times, making it look brand new again.

Beech is a light-colored wood, one of Europe's most common species. Beech is a robust floor with excellent strength properties which makes it one of the most durable wood flooring surfaces on the market. It has a uniform structure with white to reddish heartwood and chestnut colored graining, a wooden floor with a classic look.


Classic | Harmony | Variation

Junckers hardwood flooring is available in three different grades: Classic, Harmony and Variation. The grading is not to do with quality as with other wood used in the construction industry; all Junckers floors are produced in 100% solid hardwood in the same high quality. The difference is found in the look of the flooring, ranging from uniform floors with very few knots and grain markings, to lots of lively detail found in the natural pattern of the wood.

Classic - A uniform appearance with a very slight color and structural variation between the individual staves. The wood may contain few knots and very fine cracks.

Harmony - A natural appearance with a more distinct color and structural variation between the individual staves. The wood may contain smaller knots and very fine cracks.

Variation - A rustic appearance with a very distinct color and structural variation between the individual staves. The wood may contain small and large knots and very fine cracks.


Junckers offers 2 strip wooden flooring, plank flooring, herringbone flooring and pattern flooring. All of these are beautiful floors but have different expressions.

Search for inspiration on our website and find your dream floor. Or try our online configurator where you can play around with wall colors and different types of flooring.

plank floor consists of one-piece boards. They give a calm and exclusive overall look. A 2 strip wooden floor consists of multiple short staves of wood in two rows in a board providing a livelier look to the floor.

A herringbone floor from Junckers consists of single staves of wood or planks in shorter dimensions. Laying a herringbone 2 strip wooden floor or herringbone plank floor can help to create a unique atmosphere in any room. Unleash your creativity and rest assured that your herringbone 2 strip wooden floor or herringbone plank floor will bring joy for yourself and your guests for many years to come.

Parquet flooring - Hexparket. The shapes and patterns of nature have a great influence on architecture and interior design.

We have allowed this to inspire us, and the hexagon in its complete form is just one of several basic geometric patterns that have emerged based on the forces of nature and basic mathematics. Just look at a beehive, snow crystals or the shape of certain flowers.


Wood is a good insulating material in itself and does not feel cold to walk on. A Junckers floor works equally well with radiators and underfloor heating, this is not the case with all wooden floors. It is a common misconception that hardwood floors are not recommended for use over underfloor heating; Junckers floors have been tried and tested by all major underfloor heating manufacturers only to prove an ideal surface.

There is a bit more cutting work around pipes if you have radiators, but otherwise you only have to ensure that there are no leaks in the pipes or joints. For underfloor heating, make sure that the heating system is designed to provide an even temperature distribution across the upper surface of the sub-floor. All underfloor heating systems work well with Junckers wooden floors. Read more about underfloor heating and hardwood flooring


Cleaning and maintaining wooden floors is straightforward; it only takes a minimal amount of effort. The floor should be vacuumed when needed, just like any other floor, and cleaned with a well-wrung out cloth or mop periodically. If the floor has become dirty to the extent where vacuuming or a well-wrung cloth cannot handle the task, a soap intended for wooden floors is recommended. Junckers Sylvacleaner is designed to both care for and clean wooden floors. 


A wooden floor is a wise investment. The price will depend on the type of floor you choose. First and foremost, a solid wood floor is almost impossible to wear out and it can always regain its original good looks if one day you discover your wooden floor seems to have lost its glow - it can be sanded and re-finished again and again and again. It is not unusual to see a Junckers floor that is more than 50 years old. 


As a 100% natural product, hardwood ensures a really good indoor climate in itself. It is easy to keep clean as the surface cannot harbour dust or mites, making it a particularly good choice for allergy sufferers.

All Junckers wood floors and selected woodcare products are Danish Indoor Climate labeled, which means they have been rigorously tried and tested to ensure there are no chemical substances that affect the air quality in your home in the flooring.


Junckers wooden floors are not only beautiful to look at, they also leave you with a good conscience. Junckers wooden floors are manufactured using nothing but solid wood, no hidden intermediate levels in which lesser quality alternative materials have been glued together. A solid wood floor will last for generations and can be refurbished numerous times to look good as new. It is not a throw-away product to be replaced after a short time. However, if it were ever to be replaced, it can either be re-used in a different home or if discarded, natural wood is biodegradable.

Caring for our environment has always been central to the manufacture of Junckers wooden floors. Founder Juncker Flemming ensured new trees were planted for every one felled in the 1930s, decades before the concept of managed forestry was invented. Every part of the tree is used in the manufacturing process, what isn’t used to make floorboards is used to power the company’s own factory. Excess energy is sold to the local grid making Junckers a CO2 neutral company. Therefore, buying and installing a Junckers floor is an environmentally responsible choice.