Achieving the right Ten Board Measure

Installers of our floors will be aware that as part of the fitting process you need to leave small expansion gaps between every board to allow for natural expansion of the boards. In fact we supply plastic spacers in a range of sizes specifically to help to achieve the correct ten board measure.
We know that most installers use air-powered nail guns and those who lay larger floors in sports halls, community buildings, universities and the like, may be interested to know of an installation technique that has been in use in Denmark and other European countries for some considerable time.
Simply put, they space the boards by eye. They use no plastic spacers at all.
To ensure that they are leaving the correct expansion allowances they check the ten board measure at intervals. If they need to adjust it they do so by leaving larger or smaller gaps in the next few rows that they lay. This method will probably take a little time to get used to at first, but with practice the installer gets to recognise the correct size of expansion gap by eye. After that it’s actually a very fast method because no plastic spacers are needed and the finished floor has the appearance of small even sized gaps all over.

Yours sincerely
Junckers Industrier A/S