Oil & Hardwax Oil for wood flooring

Oil finishes for wood floors gain more and more popularity in recent years. It is due to the natural and organic beauty they ensure for every wooden floor. Oil finishes allow the natural beauty, pattern and colour of the wood species to peak through the finish, they enhance and amplify this natural appearance and elegance. Oil finishes are the perfect choice for your wooden floor if you are desiring to achieve an organic, minimalistic, natural, and even rustic interior style. In addition, oil finishes nourish the wood and take care of it besides beautifying the floor and protecting it.

Oil finishes are a penetrating type, which means they do not only create a protective layer on the surface of the floor but also penetrate into wood's porous structure and ensure durability and hard-wearing power from within. However, one of the reasons why some people decide to not go for an oil finish is the fact they are a bit less long-lasting than the classic lacquer or varnish.