Bespoke Parquet Floor Created to Replicate Original Gallery Flooring

21/06/2018 Our solid oak Herringbone parquet flooring has been installed at the National Gallery of Ireland as part of extensive refurbishment works.

Folding Floor at Newry Leisure Centre, Ireland

13/06/2018 Have you ever seen anything like this before? This four-court sports hall at Newry Leisure Centre in Ireland has a a fold-away Junckers sports floor housing a trampoline pit.

New from Junckers: A Vinyl Sports Floor with Sprung Undercarriage System

12/04/2018 New from Junckers: A Vinyl Sports Floor with Sprung Undercarriage System

Bespoke Solid Wood Flooring for London’s Latest Hipster Hotel

06/02/2018 Specialist hotel, hospitality and residential architects Dexter Moren Associates designed London’s newest hipster hotel, The Curtain.

PE & Sport Premium For Primary Schools- How Best To Spend It

10/01/2018 Department for Education has released details of the PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools, how much funding schools receive in the academic year 2017 to 2018 including advice on how to spend it.

Professional Sports Flooring System For World Class Sports Centre

15/12/2017 Oriam is Scotland’s new state of the art Sports Performance Centre, designed to provide Scotland’s top sportsmen and women the state of the art facilities for training and development.

A New Parquet Floor From Junckers

31/08/2017 Hexparket by CarpEnter CPH & Hartmann is a new parquet floor from Junckers. Hexagonal staves made in solid oak are laid to form an intricate design mimicking nature’s own geometric pattern based on equilateral triangles.

Junckers Wins Installation of the Year

27/07/2017 We are absolutely delighted to be the proud winners of the CFJ/ CFA Installation of the Year Award 2017. The project, Prince Edward Hall, University of Hertfordshire which includes flooring as well as wall and ceilings covered in our solid Beech, was installed by our Approved Contractor PICA Floorings, to exacting standards.

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