Oak Flooring

A beautiful interior is rarely complete without a wooden floor. More often than not, oak is the timber species of choice. At the top of the list for architects, designers as well as homeowners, oak flooring adds a classic, elegant look which suits virtually any interior style.

Oak wood floors

One of the most admired attributes of an oak floor is its attractive grain structure. The natural patterns formed as oak trees age and grow give oak flooring its own unique look which can never be replicated in a lesser quality wooden floor. The warm, golden hue of an oak floor has made it a firm favourite and its popularity sees no signs of abating.

Not only specified for its good looks, oak flooring is one of the most durable flooring surfaces available. A hardwood timber species, oak has been used as flooring for centuries, and it is not unusual to come across an oak floor that is hundreds of years old, still in excellent condition. Like a good red wine, oak flooring improves with age. The subtle colouring deepens and as a natural material, it becomes part of the room.

Choose your own oak floor style 

Because of its popularity oak flooring is available in an extensive array of styles, grades and dimensions: from our traditional two-stave oak floor to our wide board 185mm oak plank floor; Classic, Harmony and Variation grades for a uniform through to a more lively looking floor; several finishing treatments including oils and lacquers; texture and colour options as well as our very popular Nordic finish; different thickness to suit overlay as well as structural installations and on-trend Herringbone oak parquet floors.


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Clean and maintain your oak wood floor

Oak floors are easy and straight forward to clean and maintain. Use a vacuum cleaner or sweep your floors as needed and use a damp cloth or mop to clean periodically.

If needed, a solid hardwood floor from Junckers can be sanded and refinished numerous times, making it look good as new.    

Solid Oak floor - a conscientious choice

Environmental awareness and sustainability have rightly come to the forefront of consumer awareness. Our oak floors come from managed forests, are manufactured in a CO2 neutral facility and have full environmental credentials. A solid oak floor from Junckers is a conscientious choice.

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