Wooden Flooring - 2 Strip

Junckers two stave wood flooring consists of short staves of wood in two rows per floorboard. It is an expressive, characterful wooden floor with the natural patterns in the timber prevalent. The two stave wood floor look more lively, as opposed to a more uniform looking plank floor, sometimes referred to as wide board. A two stave wooden floor is often a less costly option than a plank wooden floor.

A solid wood floor is not like other types of flooring. A wooden floor from Junckers is made of a natural material that has been crafted with respect for its quality and originality. A natural material such as wood adds an element of comfort to any room. It is soft and warm to the touch and to walk on. It also provides outstanding acoustic properties other floors simply cannot match.


Junckers popular two stave wooden floors are available in oak, beech and ash. Each species has its own unique character, tone and quality, all strong, durable timbers ideal for use as flooring.


Oak is by far the most popular wood used for flooring in the UK. Its warm, golden hue coupled with a naturally beautiful grain pattern makes oak a timeless flooring choice suitable for any interior style. A durable floor which only improves with age.


Its excellent strength properties and elegant light appearance, almost white with distinctive dark graining, makes ash a sought after wood flooring choice. Ash acquires a warm and golden expression as a result of natural aging over time. As with all solid hardwood floors, it can be sanded and re-finished many times, to make it look brand new again.


Beech is a light-colored wood, one of Europe's most common species. Beech is a robust floor with excellent strength properties which makes it one of the most durable wood flooring surfaces on the market. It has a uniform structure with white to reddish heartwood and chestnut colored graining, a wooden floor with a classic look.


Classic | Harmony | Variation

In addition to type of timber, the grade and finishing treatment will determine the appearance of the floor. The grade is not to do with the quality of the flooring but how it looks; more or less variable in terms of colour and natural structure, from uniform floors with very few knots and grain markings, to lots of lively detail found in the natural pattern of the wood. The choice is purely a matter of taste and suitability for the intended space. Choose from Classic, Harmony and Variation. You can read more about the grades under each type of 2 Strip Wooden Flooring.



Lacquer is popularly perceived as the most durable finish, and often needs less maintenance than oil, but if you look after your wooden floor well there is little difference. Lacquer is available with different levels of sheen, a choice of Silkmatt or Ultramatt. Silkmatt lacquer makes the floor appear perfectly smooth with a slight sheen and an Ultramatt finish is virtually invisible to the eye, offering the durable lacquered surface with the look of an oiled finish. Both are hardwearing, easy to clean and suitable for areas that are in constant use.


White-washed, dark, grey or an entirely different colour – Junckers has a wide range of colour treatments with a level of transparency to allow the natural patterns in the timber to show through. Coloured floors can be pre-finished with an added finishing coat of oil or lacquer; or applied on site during a renovation or refurbishment of a floor.


Oil can give your wooden floor a deeper glow, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood.
Oiled surfaces are easy to spot repair by applying extra oil to areas that are heavily worn, whereas the whole area of a lacquered surface has to be lightly sanded before a re-lacquer can take place.


A Junckers floor can be delivered untreated, but it is important to remember that wooden flooring must be surface treated immediately after laying, before use. There are many options to choose from in Junckers’ professional Woodcare range.


Our solid hardwood floors work perfectly with underfloor heating – tried and tested by all major underfloor heating manufacturers. Wood is a naturally good insulator which feels warm to the touch and to walk on. It is a common misconception that hardwood floors are not recommended for use over underfloor heating, this is not the case with Junckers wooden flooring. All Junckers floorboards are inherently stable thanks to a unique drying process every board is subject to during manufacturing.