An unusual building


The Braunstein Taphouse, home to award-winning Danish malt whisky, is not just a beautiful building, it’s been designed and built to have ability to be disassembled. Its waterfront location is deemed under threat from rising water levels in the future, which lead Adept Architecture to create a building that can be taken apart and rebuilt or easily reused/recycled.

The building uses as few materials as possible, among them our Textured Oak two-strip hardwood flooring. The structure is based on simple tectonic principles, completed with mechanical joints only. As far as possible, building materials used in the construction are not mixed, reducing the volume of waste considerably in comparison to similar constructions.

Located in a part of the harbour which is part of the city’s climate adaption strategy, the Taphouse is designed to function as a visitors’ centre for Braunstein Brewery over the next decade. Then, depending on rising sea levels, it may have to be removed or moved to a different location. To accommodate the possibly temporary lifespan, the building has been ‘designed for disassembly’. It can be easily taken apart and rebuilt, or all materials can easily be recycled.

The building houses both a café and a restaurant as well as large event spaces that can be used for private events and by local community groups. The brushed, tactile surface of our Textured Oak floorboards are part of a limited material palette, where both interior and exterior have strong maritime influences. The juxtaposition of steel, accoya and solid hardwood in a rustic finish all contribute to an industrial look, perfectly at home in the harbour.

Committed to offering full environmental credentials, Junckers has completed EPDs for its solid hardwood flooring, the company is PEFC™ and FSC® accredited, certified by the Danish Indoor Climate Label and has an A+ BREEAM rating.