Wood clad stairs and bench seating

Feature panels, walls and even ceilings – our solid wood floorboards are often used outside their ‘normal’ usage area, to great effect. Bringing a natural material like wood into an interior adds both warmth and texture, a great way to update a room. Other popular applications for our wooden floors include cladding for stairs and built in bench seating. With so many options to choose from – timber species, colours, textured surfaces, grain pattern and plank width – architects, interior designers and homeowners have the flexibility to create a beautiful and practical solution.

New look stairs 

Cladding existing stairs in wooden floorboards creates an instant uplift – a relatively cost-effective way to update an ordinary looking staircase. Using the same timber as the flooring below and/or above the stairs creates a cohesive, continuous look; whilst adding a different colour or wood species can produce a striking contrast.

Cut to size and glued to the existing stair tread and riser, each step is finished with a nosing profile which sits at the edge. Part of our extensive range of specialist products, we sell tongue and groove nosing to match our Oak, Black Oak, Beech and Maple flooring, suitable for both two-strip (14mm and 22mm) and plank (20.5mm) floorboards.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Built-in bench seating is a clever way to make good use of space. Often found in contemporary office design where flexibility and creativity is high on the agenda, bench seating in multiple tiers acts as a multi-function space, an informal break-out area or as an auditorium for lectures or large meetings. Cladding the seating area in solid wood creates a warm and welcoming space, and as all Junckers floorboards hold the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, you can rest assured there are no chemical substances in the flooring which adversely affect the air quality in a room.


Bench seats work equally well in residential properties, albeit on a smaller scale. A built-in piece of furniture can turn an awkward space into a useable feature, and cladding bench seating in solid wood floorboards is a timeless, elegant choice. All our wooden floors can be used to clad stairs and seating.

For commercial projects where Building Control Regulations specify that the nosing should have a colour contrast with the tread and riser, which can be achieved by using different timber, for example Black Oak nosing with Oak treads. Please refer to Document K, Protection from falling, and Document A, Access for full details.

Projects with wood clad stairs and bench seatings