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Pattern Flooring - Hexparket

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At the London Design Fair we showed off our Hexparket flooring alongside a whole host of Danish design brands. The Danish Country Pavilion was initiated by the Embassy of Denmark in London, who curated a real-life Danish Living Room full of furniture, lighting, homeware and sound, with our Hexparket floor forming the backdrop.

A celebration of Denmark's strong tradition of design and craftsmanship, the large stand brought together well-known iconic brands and promising new talent. Thousands of visitors from the global design community came along to discover the room and learn more about the individual companies represented. Styled by the talented women who run Arttiles, Trine Galschiøt and Anette Nørmark, the overall design presented as a cohesive look with elements from many different sources, just like in a real home.

Throughout the room, the emphasis was placed on exquisitely crafted pieces, using quality materials. Made in solid wood, the hexagonal design of the Hexparket floor showcases Junckers’ own long-standing tradition for quality and craftsmanship with a contemporary take on the classic parquet floor. The geometric shapes of the large hexagonal staves combined with the structural grain patterns of the timber contrast beautifully.

Hexparket by CarpEnter Cph & Hartmann. Hexagonal staves made in solid oak are laid to form an intricate design mimicking nature’s own geometric pattern based on equilateral triangles. The staves measure 370mm on all sides by 20.5mm thick, with an untreated surface to be finished on site. The natural grain structure of the timber adds texture and interest resulting in a lively, elegant floor.

​Photo: Rocio Chacon