Portable Dance Floors: Professional and Prefinished Flooring

Junckers brings to the professional dance community a range of portable hardwood dance floors, designed for easy assembly, convenient storage, and quick re-installation. Ideal for touring companies, competitions, and multi-use venues, our portable solutions offer practicality without compromising on quality.

Our floors can be installed directly over existing floor coverings, ensuring a damage-free removal process and preserving the condition of the underlying surface. This feature is particularly beneficial for venues that host a variety of events and need a reliable, efficient flooring solution.

Dance floors from Junckers are all crafted from premium solid hardwood. The factory-applied urethane finish is specifically designed to provide optimal glide and friction, catering to the unique demands of dance professionals while ensuring long-lasting durability.

Prefinished and requiring minimal on-site acclimation, Junckers' hardwood floors promise a clean and quick installation, with most being ready for use within just a day or two. This efficiency ensures minimal disruption to ongoing operations, making it a practical choice for busy professionals.

Choose Junckers for a portable dance flooring solution that meets the rigorous standards of professional performance, combining practicality with the elegance of solid hardwood.

Complete system control

Junckers subflooring, sports flooring, game line paint, and urethane top coats are all developed, manufactured, quality controlled, and warrantied by Junckers.  

100% Solid Hardwood

Junckers produces only 100% solid hardwood, for a long life span and avoids the risk of veneer layers delaminating

Pre-finished from factory

Junckers Floors are pre-finished at our factory, allowing for quicker, and cleaner installations.  

Exclusive Double Dove Tail

Industry exclusive Double Dove Tail construction improves stability and allows for ultra-precision milling.

Improved hardness

Junckers flooring is press-dried, which improves hardness and dimensional stability.

In accordance with the European
standard EN 14904

The solutions fulfil the requirements of class A3 and A4.

Versatile systems to meet all your needs

Choose the right flooring for your portable dance floor


Construction height

Required subfloor


Class according to EN 14904

FIBA Approval level

Sports flooring systems

International tournaments, which require special line-markings, concerts and fairs.

1 ¾” (44 mm) Flat, dry, structurally sound Single layer sleeper system A4 1 Pro Complete 44

Dance, Basketball, & Volleyball Tournaments, 

1 7/8” (49 mm) / 1 3/8” (34 mm) over turf Flat Floating system A3 2 Arena Master

Short term use of up to 10 days, sport and non-sporting events

1 1/4” (32 mm) Flat Performance sport foam / metal brackets A3   Portable A3

Wood species and grades used for our dance floors

Junckers 2 Strip Wooden Flooring is a classic with a warm, golden grain pattern

Beech SylvaSport Premium

One of Junckers’ classic floors. A beautiful light-coloured timber with a warm, golden grain pattern.

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