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14 x 129mm Oak Nordic Harmony, ultramatt lacquered | 2-strip flooring

Oak is a hardwood species characterised by being both beautiful and durable, making it very suitable flooring.

Oak has a warm, golden glow with an attractive grain structure. The Nordic finish gives the floor a subtle whitewash, often thought of as a Scandinavian look.

100% Solid wood floor 

Thickness x width: 14 x 129mm
Length: 900-1830 mm
Finish: Ultramatt lacquered
Grade: Harmony


£ 77.52 £ 57.80 per sqm Save £ 19.72 (Tax included)

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Subfloor package for: Floating Floor Installation Screed with underfloor heating

PolyFoam, underlay with moisture barrier (1x15m)
SylvaFix 3/4 Ltr. (50m2 per bottle)
Expansion Strip 12 x 12 mm (Box with 12 x 1m)
SylvaThene mositure barrier 0.20 mm PE membrane 100m2 (4 x 25m)
Clip for 14/15/20.5/22 mm flooring (250 pcs. per box)

Subfloor package for: Floating Floor Installation Screed without underfloor heating

PolyFoam, underlay with moisture barrier (1x15m)
SylvaFix 3/4 Ltr. (50m2 per bottle)
Expansion Strip 12 x 12 mm (Box with 12 x 1m)
Clip for 14/15/20.5/22 mm flooring (250 pcs. per box)

Subfloor package for: Wood based subfloor, Floating Floor Installation

Junckers Foam, without moisture barrier (1x15m)
SylvaFix 3/4 Ltr. (50m2 per bottle)
Expansion Strip 12 x 12 mm (Box with 12 x 1m)
Clip for 14/15/20.5/22 mm flooring (250 pcs. per box)


£ 57.80

6 good reasons to buy a quality solid hardwood floor from Junckers webshop

Quality floors at a reduced price

The floors available in our webshop are made from the same raw timber we use for all of our floors using the same production methods. There is no difference in the quality, but rather in the quantity - if we have a smaller number of square metres in stock, for example, not enought for a large, commercial project but perfect for a smaller one. This is why we are able to offer our top-quality solid hardwood floors at such great prices.

Probably the most important investment

Your floor is probably the umber 1 part of your home exposed to the most wear, and at the same time one of the parts of your hom that is replaced the least. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to choose a floor type with optimal durability, a good way to secure your investment and make sure you spend your money wisely.

If you choose a solid wood floor, you will be able to sand and refinish your floor multiple times, regaining the look and feel of a completely new floor.

A Sustainable choice

Wood itself is a sustainable choice - it has a positive effect on the climate and is a renewable and completely recyclable resource.

Wood is naturally low in embodied carbon, a renewable resource that does not produce waste or pollution. At Junckers, we are committed to manufacturing solid hardwood flooring that stays true to nature, without adding chemicals or any other materials. Caring for the environment is central to our business.


Solid wood is just that, nothing but real, natural wood through and through. Every Junckers floorboard is made of strong and durable solid hardwood – there are no layers of inferior quality; there is no glue or chemical substances in the flooring which adversely affect the air quality in a room, no reliance on fossil fuel derived materials.

Easy maintenance

Junckers floors are easy to clean and maintain. We provide a broad range of maintenance products, specially developed for wooden floors.

Regular maintenance is vital to keep wooden floors in good condition for a long time. If you maintain your wood floor well, your floor will last even longer and always look clean and fresh.


With a perfectly smooth surface, a solid hardwood floor cannot harbour dust or mites. As an all-natural material, wood contributes to a balanced indoor environment as it helps maintain an even temperature in a room and reduces static from electrical equipment. All Junckers floors hold the Danish Indoor Climate label and have undergone extensive testing to enure there are no chemical substances in the flooring. In addition, light-coloured floors enhance daylighting, reduce overheating and minimise reliance on air cooling systems. Choose beech, maple or ash flooring to make the most of natural light levels.

Frequently Asked Questions | Webshop

Find answers to the questions we're asked most frequently

General information about Junckers solid hardwood floors

Yes, you can visit our showroom in Clerkenwell, London to see the floors in real life. 

Please make an appointment in our showroom

Junckers showroom, 45-49 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TJ

You can also order a free sample of any of the floors you are interested in.

Yes. Standard delivery to the United KIngdom is £250.

Yes, Junckers' flooring is suitable for use with underfloor heating. In fact, our floors have been used successfully with all major underfloor heating systems for many decades. The reason why our solid hardwood floors work so well with underfloor heating is that the floorboards have a consitent and uniformly low moisture content and they can be fitted with our mechanical clip system which works very well over underfloor heating. We always recommend that your underfloor heating contractor reviews our technical documents.

We always recommend talking to us about how to install your Junckers floor once you've made your selection. We are happy to help and give advice, no matter the size of your project.

We can organise an approved flooring specialist to install your floor, please contact us directly to enquire

We are happy to talk to your installer about best practice for installing a Junckers floor.

Please see our Installation guidelines which are important for your builder and installer to ‘sign off’ on prior to installing your floor.

An engineered floorboard is most often a product combined of several materials; A wooden top layer, a lamella core and a backing layer. 

A solid wooden floor is, as the name indicates, a floorboard made of 100% solid wood. 

There are many differences between these two types of flooring, but one of them is the fact that a solid wood floor can be sanded multiple times, which is not the case with an engineered floor. This means floor can be refurbished and refinished to as new condition new several times over many decades, a truly long-lasting flooring solution.

Webshop specific information

The special offers in our webshop may not be available from our distributors due to the specialist nature of the individual product, for example, its colour or dimensions. You can order a free sample from us.

Our core product range and some special products are available through our network of distributors.

No. Not all our distributors will be participating in all stock offers so make sure to check with them before you travel.

See “where to buy”.

All special offer promotions can be shipped directly from Denmark to your home.

Yes. Standard delivery to the United Kingdom is £250.

The price of our floors can be reduced for any of the following reasons, none of which have anything to do with quality.

  • Sometimes we have left over stock from large, specialist commercial projects that have been made to order and is no longer needed because the projects have been completed.
  • As part of our flooring production, we buy raw material in many different dimensions. Not all material can be made to suit our standard product programme. In order to utilise all the raw wood we source, we also make flooring with resized stave lengths, board widths and thicknesses.
  • Floors that have been sanded once and then re-treated. We sometimes sand floors and re-treat them if the surface has been superficially damaged. By sanding and refinishing, the floorboards revert to perfect condition.

We make sure to use 100% of the forested timber. Junckers’ residual wood (sawdust, wood chips, saw-cut log ends and other residual wood from the production) is supplied to a wood-fired power plant, which in turn supplies electricity to Junckers as well as the Danish national grid. 

At Junckers, we pride ourselves on the continuity of supply of our products. In most cases, our central product range will always be available. However, some specialist items may not be available in the same dimension or at the same price at a future date.

Sales and delivery terms

If you are purchasing through one of our participating distributors you will arrange delivery with them directly.

If you are purchasing from Junckers webshop the delivery will be through a third party courier called DSV. The deliveries will be kerb side to the agreed address and pre-arranged via email and/or telephone for delivery in the morning (9am – 1pm) or afternoon (12 – 4pm) on a specific date. It is very important you are there to receive the goods and have the manpower in place to take the goods inside, making sure they are kept dry at all times.

Standard cost for delivery is £250.

Any additional delivery requirements may incur further costs and will be quoted on an order by order basis.

It is important to inspect all your goods as they are being delivered. The DSV delivery driver will ask you to sign a POD (Proof of Delivery) document to record he has delivered the goods into your care in good condition. Please check your goods against the quantities of your sales order, making sure none of the packs are damaged, missing or wet.

If something is damaged or incorrect it is important to make note of the issue on the POD document next to where you add your signature, e.g., '1 pack damaged'.

Junckers will take control of the issue from this point and rectify your order.

If the goods are damaged or missing and there is no information on the POD to support this, it will be difficult to determine when and where the problem occured. In this case, liability for the damage lies with the customer.

We accept most major payment methods:

  • Credit card – Mastercard / VISA
  • iDeal
  • PayPal
  • Klarna Pay Later
  • SOFORT Banking
  • Bancontact
  • Bank transfer

You should receive a confirmation receipt within 24 hours of paying for you order.

You will receive a detailed sales order confirmation once our customer service team has had confirmation from production on the leadtime of the goods.

If you have any issues in relation to your order, please contact

All goods once manufactured and packed leave Denmark on a Thursday and will be delivered in the UK by the following Friday.

You will receive an email from Junckers stating the date and time slot of your delivery.

If there are any issues with goods in transit, e.g., ferry delays, we will contact you to rearrange your delivery slot at least two days in advance.

It is important you are at home to take receipt of your goods. Please take the time to check your delivery against your sales order as once the driver has left, the goods are your responsibility.

Standard delivery charges:

  • United Kingdom: £250

The special offers in the webshop only apply to people living in the United Kingdom. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Customer is legally bound to purchase the Supplies comprised in the Contract and no return will be accepted without the Company’s prior consent in writing.

Upon delivery of your order, you have 14 calendar days to decide if you are satisfied with your purchase and would like to keep your product.

Please ship your return no later than 14 days after you have received your order. The goods must be returned in the same condition and quantity as delivered. The right to return the goods lapses if you use the item in a way that impairs the sales value.

Costs for the return is carried out by yourself.

If you would like to make use of your right to return your order, please email  or give us a ring on tel. 01376 534700 where we can guide you through the process.

Once we have received the returned goods and checked they meet the conditions for the right of withdrawal to be used, the full purchase price will be refunded to you via the same payment method used for the purchase, a process which can take up to seven working days.

If we believe the conditions are not met, we shall contact you with a reason.

Please always enclose a copy of the invoice and a copy of any prior correspondence, etc. NB: We do not accept packages sent by courier cash on delivery.