New CEO Wants to Put His Foot on the Gas


Thomas Bendixen is the new man behind the wheel at Junckers Industrier A/S. He is hired to take the strategy forward but also comes with plans of his own to accelerate the company's already positive development

On January 1, 2024, Thomas Bendixen took over as the new CEO of flooring manufacturer Junckers in Køge, Denmark. He has solid experience as CEO of the German ACO Group and as Commercial Director at Danish Flügger A/S. At Junckers, he takes over from Lars Gjødsbøl, who moved to Micro Matic before the New Year. And if you ask Thomas Bendixen, the match between him and Junckers is perfect on several levels:

"As a Dane who loves the building materials industry and has been in it for over 25 years, I have always known who Junckers was, and I have known them as a Danish quality product. So, when the opportunity arose, I couldn't say no. In addition, I wanted to work based in Denmark again after a few years of working in Germany. So, both professionally and personally, it's a perfect match," says Thomas Bendixen.

Junckers' new CEO comes to continue the strategy that was laid out in the wake of the flooring manufacturer's change of ownership in 2018, which in recent years has meant a positive development for the company. But Thomas Bendixen also has a goal to accelerate the strategy and put his foot on the gas:

"With the company's new ownership, there is a clear strategy to run Junckers as a modern and global manufacturing company. This has led to a strong focus on sustainability, a modernized lacquer and oil program, and a partnership with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). These are the kinds of initiatives that make Junckers unique, and it's a development that we must continue and do even more of. I want to accelerate our impact in the market," concludes Thomas Bendixen.