Using your sports hall as a classroom

Adapting your sports hall for use as a classroom is a smart idea many schools are looking into at the moment – will your hardwood floor be up to the task?

The current situation has created a need for greater flexibility and many schools will be investigating how best they can adapt existing, useable spaces within their schools. An obvious, large space which can easily be transformed into a classroom setting is the school hall or sports hall but how will your floor cope with new and different usage and demands? Will you need to cover it or take any special precautions to protect it?

A Junckers solid hardwood sports floor is hard wearing and very resistant to scratches, scuffs and indentations. The same Junckers lacquer finish applied to our sports floors is used in heavily trafficked commercial and public buildings such as cafes, restaurants, shopping centres and reception areas.

For classroom use, the floor should need no additional protection, provided some simple measures are followed:

  • Ensure all chair and table legs have non-marking pads for protection.
  • Take reasonable measures to keep dirt and grit away from the floor – use regular cleaning and effective barrier mats.

The most cost effective option

A good quality hardwood floor will not suffer from cuts and indentations as may occur with synthetic floors. If the floor should become damaged, solid hardwood floors are very easy to renovate by sanding and sealing. The cost of renovation may well be less than that of a temporary covering, which makes using the floor without protection all the more attractive – and there will be no need to arrange for disposal of the waste floor covering afterwards…which is good for the environment!


It is possible to erect lightweight partitions on the floor. For office style partitions a Junckers floor will easily bear the load and any floor fixings can be neatly filled and lacquered over.

A durable and long-lasting flooring surface is a good investment for any school or education facility, and if the floor can handle multiple usage it can provide extra space and even become a source of income. Solid wood floors retain their strength exceptionally well throughout their lives. A Junckers solid hardwood sports floor may be sanded between eight and ten times during its life. Life spans in excess of 60 years are easily achievable, so go ahead and use make the best possible use of your floor, when things return to normal, a sand and seal will bring it back to ‘good as new’ condition.

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