Dark and dramatic flooring for new hotel


A new family-run hotel in Iceland’s Haukadalur Valley was designed to sit seamlessly within the extraordinary surrounding landscape. Hotel Geysir operates under carefully considered environmental objectives, including resource management, reduction of waste, increased recycling, and selecting products and services with a low environmental impact.

Our popular Twin Herringbone flooring in Black Oak forms the perfect backdrop to the interior, which is as dramatic as the natural landscape surrounding the hotel. All rooms and suites have large windows to make the stunning scenery the main feature throughout the hotel. The building was designed by architect Brynhildur Sólveigardóttir, and interior design by Leifur Welding.

Made from Junckers’ classic two-stave flooring, each floorboard consists of two rows of staves, one full-length and one with two half-length staves. This gives Twin Herringbone an authentic pattern and elegant. Delivered with a hardwearing factory finished surface ready to walk on as soon as it is installed, a Twin Herringbone floor has the advantage of saving on costly and time-consuming installation work as the floor does not have to be sanded, filled, and treated after installation. A pre-finished floor is far superior in terms of durability with optimal wear resistance and a uniform appearance. It also has a significantly shorter installation time compared to an unfinished floor, with minimal inconvenience.

Each Twin Herringbone stave measures 129mm wide x 516.6mm long x 14 or 22mm thick. II is ideal for use in all rooms of the house except bathrooms and can be used with all major underfloor heating systems. Twin Herringbone feels warm and solid underfoot, the perfect backdrop to a luxurious hotel.