Dark wooden floors add elegance to luxury hotel









Photo: NH Hotels


Elegant, warm and comfortable interiors take centre stage at luxury Hotel Palacio de Tepa in Madrid. Housed in a restored 19th Century palace originally designed by the then royal architect Juan de Villanueva who also designed Madrid’s Plaza Mayor and the Prado Museum, the hotel is part of NH Hotel Group’s premium Collection brand, signified by landmark and historic buildings.

Ramón Esteve Architects made the most of the building’s neoclassical architecture and history to carefully restored the former palace into a luxurious hotel. Vaulted ceilings and original balconies were brought back to their former glory and incorporated into the sleek, contemporary rooms and social spaces. Warm tones of caramel, taupe and ivory with layers of texture added through soft furnishings and fabrics are perfectly complemented by a rich, dark solid wood floor – Junckers Black Oak Harmony.

Junckers uses a specially developed method to draw the dark stain deep into the floorboards, mimicking the natural process known as ‘bog oak’ where tree trunks left to submerge in boggy conditions take on a dark hue. This means a Black Oak floor can be sanded and re-finished many times without losing its rich colour.

A solid hardwood floor is an ideal choice for a safe and healthy indoor environment. Often recommended by specialist health and wellbeing consultants for buildings, solid wood doesn’t harbour dust or dust mites and helps maintain an even temperature in a room. Junckers’ floors hold the Danish Indoor Climate Label and have undergone extensive degassing and odour testing to ensure there are no chemical substances in the flooring which adversely affect the air quality in a room.

Photo: NH Hotels