A sustainably built school with sustainable flooring


Towards the end of 2020, a ten-year transformative construction programme for schools was announced, providing a much-needed boost for the sector. As part of the initiative, a new procurement process focused on carbon reduction was put in place, and all new school buildings, including refurbishments, need to demonstrate net zero carbon credentials to qualify for funding.

Junckers solid wood flooring was recently specified for Merkinch Primary School and Family Centre in Inverness, where significant focus was placed on reducing the embodied carbon. Designed and built by Robertson Construction, the new school was realised using more sustainable methods of construction, ensuring optimal thermal performance and using sustainable materials, thus reducing operational costs for the school.

The new school includes a four-court multi-purpose hall fitted with 670m2 Junckers SylvaSport Beech flooring installed over UnoBAT 45 subfloor system by Junckers Approved Contractor Courtcraft. The floor is area elastic and fully complies with EN 14904 class A4, exceeding the specification requirements set by Sport England/Sport Scotland and the ESFA.

Flooring for education projects not only has to fulfil safety and performance standards, it now also has to has to adhere to strict environmental standards, including a proven 60+ years lifespan, recyclability and independently verified sourcing, manufacturing and transportation processes. Specifying a Junckers floor, be it for a school sports hall or elsewhere in a school building, fulfils the requirements set for funding purposes, confirmed by a list of independently verified accreditations, including EPDs, FSC®, PEFCTM and the Danish Indoor Climate Label. Junckers floors have A+ BREEAM rating. Find out more about our environmental credentials here

Image credit: Robertson Construction