A contemporary parquet floor


Over 6500m2 of Junckers Oak Boulevard has been installed in the impressive Aeroville shopping centre near Charles de Gaulle airport outside Paris, France. The €350 million project is a mixed-use retail and entertainment hub with over 200 stores, five cinemas and multiple restaurants.

With an expected footfall over up to 12 million people a year, a hard-wearing, extremely durable floor was a non-negotiable requirement. Junckers’ Whalebone Staves, a premium, solid hardwood floor with a stave width of 140mm, was laid in alternating patterns originally inspired by an African design, as an over-sized, contemporary parquet floor to stunning effect. Glued down on concrete, sanded and finished on site with a UV resistant lacquer, the floor adds warmth and elegance to the expansive atrium-style walkways at the same time as offering the required durability.