Turn on the colour with Junckers new PreLak Colour water-based primers 


As easy as applying lacquer, just roll on and allow to dry – no rags, no knees, no mess!

Get creative with shades of grey, white and brown.

Ideal for lighter timbers, including pine

Dries in less than an hour

Use straight from the pack or mix for multiple colour options

Finish with one of Junckers water-based lacquers

PreLak has received the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling

We have added three new colours to our existing PreLak Colour range

  • PreLak Driftwood Grey - NEW
  • PreLak Nordic - NEW
  • PreLak Dark Coco - NEW
  • PreLak White
  • PreLak Clear

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New colour swatch for oak and pine

We have developed a comprehensive colour swatch for our new PreLak Colour primer range. The five colours, Clear, Driftwood Grey, Dark Coco, Nordic and White, are shown in several intensities, varying from diluted with PreLak Clear at 25% to a double application, showcasing the many possibilities the new range offers. All colours are shown on both pine and oak, enabling contractors to offer true-to-life colour representation to customers with confidence.

Junckers PreLak Colour is a water-based, fast-drying primer for use on untreated or machine sanded floors in commercial or residential areas. By adding colour to a primer product, we have eliminated colour inconsistencies associated with different timber species. PreLak Colour adds colour to the surface of the floorboard and delivers true colour representation even on pine, which can be notoriously susceptible to this problem.

The PreLak Colour swatch is available through our network of distributors nationwide or contact us.

The swatch is free of charge


Create the perfect colour

Our specially developed PreLak Colour sample boxes contains small sample bottles of all five colours, Clear, Dark Coco, Driftwood Grey, Nordic and White. The box includes several pre-mixed diluted versions of our popular brown colour Dark Coco diluted to 75%, 50% and 25%, which are easy to recreate yourself by adding PreLak Clear.

The PreLak Colour sample box is available to order through our network of distributors or contact us.

The swatch is free of charge

Want to know how to use our new coloured primers?

Directions for use, written

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Order a sample box or colour swatch

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