Junckers & The Danish Indoor Climate Labelling Scheme

The Danish Indoor Climate Labelling Scheme

Junckers prefinished floor boards and lacquers and oils have all been certified under the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling Scheme. It is fair to say that relatively few customers in the UK know about this scheme- but when they find out they are usually impressed by how useful it is!

For anyone who wants to know about the hidden risks of chemical emissions including carcinogens from materials that are used in their buildings, and anyone with allergies to certain substances, the certificates can be a useful source of information. Choosing certified products will reassure clients that safe materials are being used.

The scheme was devised by the Danish Minister for Housing in 1993 and since its inception it has been operated by the Danish Technological Institute. It is used for interior finishes like ours, as well as furniture, fittings and other building materials.

What makes the Indoor Climate Labelling Scheme different from a simple list of chemicals or standard EU product labelling is that the test procedure measures the emissions over a period of 30 days. The test sets maximum allowable limits for each chemical and measures how much the levels reduce over time. In order to comply the sample must never exceed the maximum allowable limit during the 30 days and must have fallen below defined limits at the end.

For some materials the tests also look at release of fibres and dust particles and their effects upon people’s health.

We think this scheme has a high level of integrity and credibility because it is administered by a non profit making organisation. Participating companies (like Junckers) pay an annual fee and this is used to meet the day to day running costs of the scheme and to help to promote it.

When we talk to customers about Indoor Climate Labelling they are invariably interested, and this is perhaps not surprising with environmental and health issues currently so high on the agenda. These certificates are a valuable selling tool and from the responses we have received so far there appears to be a real benefit in proactively introducing these into the conversation with our customers, and not wait for them to ask!

To find copies of Junckers Indoor Climate certificates use the link below.

Indoor climate

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