Junckers New Generation Wood Finishes

Many of you will know that as soon as travel and opportunities to meet are back to normal Junckers will be presenting a series of Lacquer Demo days at various locations throughout the UK and Ireland. We will be letting you know about dates as soon as we are able.

Demo Days

In the mean time this Technical Bulletin will give you a brief summary of the new generation of lacquers and primers that we have launched.

New PreLak Primer
Re-formulated to dry faster and reduce side-bonding.

PreLak Primer is now available in a range of colours that look great on a range of timbers including pine oak and beech.

PreLak Nordic
Gives an invisible effect on many lighter coloured timbers, which is further enhanced by finishing with Junckers Ultramatt lacquer.

PreLak Driftwood Grey
We are proud of our Driftwood Grey Prelak, which looks especially good on pine, which can often be difficult to stain in an attractive way.

PreLak Dark Coco
An oak shade with a rich brown colour. Very versatile as it responds well to dilution with clear PreLak to give light, medium or dark oak shades.
PreLak White
We have retained the same colour as our original PreLak White, but the new formulation means faster drying and reduced side bonding.
If you want to experiment, all colours can be mixed together or diluted with clear PreLak.

New ProFinish Lacquer
A key product in our range and one that deserves more attention, all the more so now that we have improved the formulation and reduced the price.

  • Ideal for jobs where the budget is restricted
  • Improved flow and levelling properties
  • Very resistant to reacting with stains
  • May be used in a broad range of site conditions

New Strong Lacquer
Reformulated and contains latest technology binder
Excellent flow and levelling properties
May be used in a broad range of site conditions
High durability for a “mid -range” lacquer; suitable for commercial and public areas.
We plan to launch new oil products in the near future and will soon include copies of our new Care and Maintenance brochure in all lacquer boxes….
so keep watching!

Plastic containers for HP Sport and HP Commercial lacquers
We will be changing our HP lacquer containers from metal cans to plastic screw-top cans. Junckers has always supplied these products in plastic cans to all other global markets and so the change is to enable us as a group to have consistency.

Many of you will know that plastic cans have been used for these products before. We know that some UK contractors had issues with mixing in the hardener effectively. We can reassure anyone with concerns that no issues have been encountered with continuing use of plastic cans in other countries.
The best mixing method is to decant the lacquer into a large bucket or similar container and to add the hardener slowly whilst stirring. For those who prefer to add the hardener straight into the can it is important that the lacquer is first shaken thoroughly, the hardener added slowly and then shaken again or stirred straight away. The mixture should always be left to stand for ten minutes before use. The instructions on the label provide a little more detail.

Pallet Quantities
Please note that a pallet of plastic cans is 120 x 4.95 litres.
Metal can pallet was 56-60 x 4.95 litres.