Junckers HP SportsLine Marking Paint

A Clean edge with new HP SportsLine 
Using our paint just became easier… with enhanced adhesion and no need to abrade the floor first.

Junckers new and improved range of HP Sportsline professional line marking paint has improved adhesion to help bond the paint to the floor and eliminates the need to abrade a Junckers sports floor before application. After extensive product development and testing Junckers can now recommend their paint for use on Junckers factory-treated sports floors without the need to abrade the floor first.

We’ve Added a Clear Coating to the Range to reduce “bleeding”

The HP Sportline product range now Includes a clear coating for use before the coloured paint application to give clean edges to lines and reduce bleeding.

The two-component, water-based paint for marking court lines and other colouring on wooden floors in sports halls is recommended for use on floors previously sealed with Junckers High Performance Sport lacquer as well as on Junckers’ pre-finished sports floors. HP SportsLine can be used on machine sanded as well as previously sealed or new, pre-finished floors. The slip resistance of our paint meets the friction requirements for sports floors under EN14904.

Junckers HP SportsLine is a 2 component water based paint with high opacity, excellent flow properties and a short drying time of 1-2 hours. It is best applied with a brush or short haired roller. The range includes black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and clear.

As with all other Junckers water based lacquer products HP SportsLine has the Danish Indoor Climate Certificate, and so will not affect the air quality in the building.

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